Sample Sheet

• All submissions to be considered for publication should be written in Turkish or English.

• All texts should be sent by e-mail in .doc or .docx format after being overwritten on the “Sheet” which is seen as a link above. (e-mail:

• It should be noted that work submitted to this journal has not been previously published or is not under
consideration for publication elsewhere.

•  The margins should be set at 2.5 cm top and bottom, left and right on A4 paper. The spacings in paragraph settings of main body text should be as written below.

  Space line:1,5, Spacing before:0 pt, Spacing after: 6pt

• Font of the text should be “Garamond”. The main body text should be 12 pt type. For quotations longer than 3 lines
or 40 words, start the quotation on a new line, with the entire quote indented 1 cm from the left and right margin, use 10 pt type and 1-spaced paragraph for the text. Italic text type is not allowed for quotations less or more than 3 lines or 40 words.

• Use bold for the title of the article and section headings only.

• Notes and explanations must be inserted as end notes.

• The text must be justified, except titles and headings which should be ranged left.

• The papers should not be less than 3,500 words, nor should exceed 9,000 words. Abstract should not be less than 200 words, nor should exceed 300 words.

• If the article is written in Turkish, it should include an abstract in English too.

• All submissions should conform to the requirements of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological
Association (6th ed.). Further information can be obtained from the American Psychological Association’s style website:

• References in the article should be as in these examples:
Bourdieu (2014) in a paper on … [commonest version];
Wagner (2001: pp.81-82) state that … [where page number is required];
———– (Berger, 2011: p.38).

• Sample for references:
Timasheff, N.S. (1967). Sociological Theory: Its Nature and Growth. 3. Ed. New York: Random House
Stevens, J. (2001). Devletin Yeniden Üretimi. (Çev. Abdullah Yılmaz). İstanbul: Ayrıntı Yayınları