About the Journal

“Journal of Social and Cultural Studies” (J-SCS) is an interdisciplinary academic journal aiming to provide an international basis for original works in social sciences and humanities. J-SCS; focuses on Turkish and English studies in sociology, social work, philosophy, history, Turkish language and literature, Arabic language and literature, Western languages and literature, religious sciences, Islamic history and arts, economics, political science, and closely related fields. The main purpose of the journal is to give opportunities for the publication of high-quality interdisciplinary studies and to present them as open access to researchers.
It was decided to publish in electronic form all the issues of the journal, which was established in 2018 with the cooperation of independent scholars in different disciplines in the social and human sciences field. The journal is not affiliated with any official or unofficial institution, organization, or group. The common purpose of all scientists who support the journal with their ideas and efforts is to contribute to the academic development of social and human sciences academicians and to seek new possibilities to benefit more from social and human sciences for society. For all scientists who share the same thoughts, our journal pages are always open.
Article acceptance ratio for 2023: %44
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